Would I need to have another right heart catheter for this study?

No. This study is observational so we will only collect data from your routine clinical tests. If your clinical team decide that you need another right heart catheter then we would collect this data but we would not request that you have one as part of this study.

Will I be expected to travel to the hospital for extra visits?

No. We will arrange to see you when you are due for follow up as part of a routine clinical appointment. There will be no requirement for extra visits during the study.

Can my relatives take part in the study?

An important part of this study is the inclusion of relatives of patients with idiopathic or heritable pulmonary hypertension. You may be asked to approach your relatives to see if they would be interested in receiving more information about taking part in the study. You can of course decline, but if you agree, your relatives will be provided with a slip to fill out to be sent back to the hospital if they are interested in taking part. Then the research team will contact them with more information.

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